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What is Self Injury

by Kevin Caruso

Self-injury occurs when someone INTENTIONALLY hurts themselves.

And there are numerous ways that people self-injure, including cutting, scratching, burning, hitting, pulling out hair, breaking bones, etc.

Self-injury generally does not include things like piercing and tattooing unless these actions are done to intentionally injure oneself, as opposed to adorn oneself.

And self-injury does not generally include things like smoking and overeating, even though these behaviors may not be healthy.

Again, self-injury is when someone is intentionally harming their body, which oftentimes results in cuts, bruises, or other visibly noticeably injuries.

The frequency and severity of these behaviors vary dramatically from person to person.

Some people may occasionally injure themselves and others may injure themselves several times a day.

Self-injury can happen to anyone, but is particularly problematic with adolescent girls.

Self-injury is a serious problem and is very dangerous, immediate treatment is required for those who self-injure.

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Kevin Caruso
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